PAUWES Minigrid – Digitalization – Entrepreneurship

PAUWES Minigrid – Digitalization – Entrepreneurship (PAUWES-MDE), an online postgarduate programme to strengthen youth entrepreneurship capacities on the continent.

Collaboratively developed by the Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES) and the Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI), the PAUWES-MDE aims to strengthen youth’s capacity on the continent with innovative business ideas in the mini-grid sector with technical and entrepreneurial skills for the creation of smart microgrid businesses and start-ups in Africa.

PAUWES-MDE’s curriculum can be described as an Entrepreneurship Incubator. It integrates actors, stakeholders and specificities of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in the continent (Tech-Hubs, Fab-Labs/Maker space, Mentoring and Business Angels, Pitch, Competition, etc.) with strengths of higher education systems geared toward skills and competences for the setup of start up in a flexible and agile manner.

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